Posted 2M ago by @UnspoiledOkra

Wilty girl

Help! Why is she so wilty? Can’t seem to figure out what kind of light she likes best. Currently in a southwest facing window. #Coleus
3” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Could be overwatering (which may cause root rot) or possibly underwatering. But if you follow watering instructions then it should be ok. Have you repotted recently? Have you noticed any pests on it? These could be causes.
She does looked stressed ☹️
@CaringCacti I’ve only had her a couple weeks and I repotted when I got her so I don’t think it’s pests or root rot.
Oh this most definitely looks like there is overwatering and possibly root rot. I used to have one of these and gave it to my mom, it thrived with her she keeps it in indirect light and waters only when wilting is visible. They are very obvious plants and will let you know when they want water. Good luck
Hi! I think the problem may be that she’s in a pot with no drainage. (Info from your plant card) Repot her into a pot with good drainage and remove any mushy roots as that would be root rot and will end up killing your plant. Throw the old soil out if you find any root rot and rinse the soil from the roots, first with water and then with hydrogen peroxide. Repot into a pot with drainage and fresh potting mix.

Outside these plants grow in mostly shade, but since the plant is indoors, it should be getting the sun it needs where it is. Hope this helps.