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How often to water Blue Stem Yucca

Good ol' Zeus only has been watered 1 time since I got him. The first watering was 20 days ago and the moisture meter and soil is still damp. He's in a well draining pot, and next to a window getting some direct sunlight at the end of the day. I've already snoozed my alerts for water, but just curious if that's normal for this type of plant. #yucca #bluestemyucca #wateringhelp
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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How much water did you give Zeus when you watered?
Yucca tends to thrive with very little watering, so hold off on the watering until he is dry. Just snooze Greg, and Greg will learn over time how much your Yucca likes to be watered 😊
Greg is starting with a standard watering schedule, but you can't say that all Yucca has to be watered every X amount of days because it comes down to so many factors like soil type, where he lives in the world and placement in the house. 🙂
If Zeus keeps looking happy and healthy, no worries, keep doing what you are doing then 🙂
Just a couple of cups. I didn't think it was a lot. He's showing no signs of sickness from what I can tell and still looks good. I'll be sure to hold off on the watering until the soil becomes dry. Thank you!
My yucca looks awful! I’ve moved him closer to the window and I’m hoping for improvement!