Posted 1Y ago by @mishem

Dried Out #StaghornFern
Might need some help with Hornsby. I’ve recently moved him to a west facing wall to hopefully get more shade behind a south facing house, and he gets watered from the fish tank, which I never remember to log… but he looks pretty much dead now. There’s new growth on the bottom so I haven’t lost hope! Anything else I can be doing to help him out? #OutdoorGrowing
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Best Answer
anything you can do to make it more humid will help! maybe cover with a clear glass bowl until it can recover some more? a mini greenhouse rehab if you will!
@RJG I love this idea! I will try it out and report back :P
That growth looks promising! Does it get a lot of sun?
@sarahsalith it’s outside, and since my new growth is on the bottom I figured it was getting too much sun. 😝

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