Posted 7M ago by @AmiableRedmambo

Why are the leaves brown

Hello, I’m needing some help with figuring out what’s going on with my Doja Cat. She’s an oriental sweet potato vine that I propagated from a cutting. I had her outdoors for the most part since I started propagating her but moved her inside because her leaves kept getting brown and falling off. Was the sun the cause? I’ve only had her inside for a few days but she’s a lot perkier and doesn’t require as much water. Thanks a lot. #SweetPotatoVine #HappyPlants
2ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
@AmiableRedmambo The browning of leaves on your oriental sweet potato vine could indeed have been caused by excessive sun exposure. These plants prefer bright, indirect light and can be sensitive to direct sunlight, especially if they're suddenly moved from indoor conditions to intense outdoor sun. Moving it indoors and providing the right lighting seems to have perked it up, which is great! Just ensure it's getting the appropriate amount of light indoors and maintain consistent watering practices. Keep an eye on the leaves for any further browning, and adjust its placement accordingly. 🌿🌞