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Does anyone have any tips for getting African Violets to ...

I’ve had this gorgeous girl for a few months now and she lost her flowers because I had her in too shady of a spot. I moved her from a more low light spot to a medium light spot and she is doing great! I am giving her a good african violet blooming fertilizer and she is so happy I just want to see her gorgeous flowers! Any tips? #AfricanViolet #PlantShelfie #HappyPlants
0ft to light, direct
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
How’s the humidity? They like higher humidity levels. Also your African violet should be in a pot with drainage holes. Mine has bloomed twice. It’s on my coffee table and gets bright western light all afternoon.
@emuh I don’t add humidity to mine specifically (there’s a humidifier a few feet away for my needier plants) but my indoor humidity in that spot ranges from 40-65% if that’s helpful. I was prepared for them to be complicated and I think I just got lucky putting them in a good spot on the first try
@BJoyce The humidity could be the issue. I don’t do anything to add humidity to the air for any of my other plants, but I maybe need to start!οΏΌ she is in an African violet pot, so no drainage holes but the pot itself holds the water to create the humidity. It still might not be enough though.οΏΌ
@BJoyce Yes, thank you!
I haven’t had any luck getting mine to bloom either. I bought my sister’s plant at the same time and hers is constantly blooming πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ She lives down the block but has hers on South facing window. Mine is in East (no South here) so I have a grow light on her now. She also top waters a bit every few days. I bottom water. Again, πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Yours looks a bit stretched so I would try a brighter location.
@Hypsie Thank you!!!
Is that a self-watering pot she’s in?
I have mine in the same pots,all are flowering again now. I put them in a cool room over winter, I don't know if that helps set flowers but the cooler weather does work for phals and other plants.
@fueledbykaty It’s an African violet pot!
@HeirRubberfig Stunning!!! Thank you!
More light and you can use fertilizer to get it to bloom too.
@emuh that was going to be my suggestion!! They’re really helpful. I hope they start to bloom for you soon!!
@fueledbykaty Thank you:)
Make the place more humid☺️ you could also add fertilizers and more light
@MeganO this one is the right one! These are the conditions that will effect blooming of AV the most, along with pot size, which yours looks good. A fertilizer with a high middle number will be specifically for bloom boosting. humidity is more important for root development than blooming.
@PolishDill also temp is not related to triggering blooming. These factors effect the plant but are not part of it blooming or not.
Thanks for the tips everyone! She grew two new buds, and is doing great!
This is"AV" my babygirl...she is in the plant room on a table sitting under a grow light for a few hours..I saved her from Walmart no kind of care for her there...she seems to be very happy in her new habitat.❀️
She is flowering!