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This is my first post and Iā€™m not quite sure Iā€™m doing. T...

12ā€ pot with drainage
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@BreezyWildtea Hey there and welcome to Greg, the plant lover's community #GregGang ! To answer your questions:
Is Greg for outdoor plants too? Absolutely! Greg is your go-to buddy not just for indoor plants, but also for your outdoor green companions. Whether they're basking in the sun or enjoying the fresh air, Greg community has your back.
Brown leaf edges on your Ti plant: Well, let's give your Ti plant a little detective work, shall we? Brown edges could be a sign of a few things. It might be experiencing a bit of stress due to direct sunlight, so consider giving it some dappled shade during the hottest parts of the day. Also, outdoor plants can sometimes get thirsty faster, so make sure it's getting adequate water, especially during warmer periods. And just like we need a balanced diet, your Ti plant craves nutrients too! Feed it with a balanced fertilizer according to the instructions ā€“ that should perk it right up! Remember, plants are like friends, they need a bit of TLC and a touch of understanding. Keep an eye on your Ti plant, adjust its environment a bit, and soon you'll have those luscious green leaves waving at you like "Hey, thanks for the pampering!" Hope this help :)