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Monstera having issues?
Should I be worried with my Monstera? The roots are coiling up the pot and there’s some discoloration on the leaves
It may be time to pot up…
Welcome to Gregs! Your Monstera is beautiful, but it needs to be transplanted. When there isn’t enough room in the pot, the roots grow upwards, instead of downwards. When you transplant it, consider getting it a moss stake or coir pole. In its natural environment they grow vertically, climbing on other plants and
trees. I hope your Monstera live long and prosper.
But I want it to remain in the same pot. What’s gonna happen if I leave it as it is
@Kengky If your plant don’t have enough soil and space to grow, then that will lead to oxygen, water and nutrients deficiency. It will suffocate and starve. Growing will slow down or stop.

You don’t want to put it in a pot that’s too big, because that will cause overwatering and root rot. Transplant it in a pot that’s the next size up, approx. 2 -3 inches wider.
You will have to transplant to put that moss pole in the pot. The poles or stakes have to go into the pot first. My plant is leaning because I didn’t put the stake deep enough.
One of Greg’s Expert Team member, Tab gave us this expert information on how to stake your plant.
Unfortunately thunk it's time to repot
@Kengky If your plant is in a favorite pot that you want to keep using, or if you don't want your plant to get larger, then try root-pruning your plant. But cutting the roots is scary. This is just another option you can consider.

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