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Best soil mix for a Philo?

Just got this beautiful plant the other week on impulse. I know philos are fairly easy house plants, but I'm not used to aroids. Would an orchid potting mix work for them? I typically add a few scoops of perlite to my regular indoor potting mix. #philodendron #philoflock #philodendronwhiteprincess #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #planttherapy soilmix">#soilmix
0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
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@Charli3Plant soil matters. Different types of plants require different soil needs.

Some great staples to keep in stock to mix in whatever soil mix you have as a base. Get what you can, when you can, but orchid bark and perlite are inexpensive and should be a staple in your aroid soil mixes.

When I was a very #NewPlantMom I didn't realize the importance of soil and ended up with a lot of root rot.

Most plants require good drainage so the roots don't stay wet which leads to root rot. Chunky soil mix helps with aeration so your roots can breathe and helps mimic natural growing environments.

If you have indoor plants or container plants, make sure you're using indoor/potting/container soil.

helps with drainage and aeration

πŸͺ±Worm Castings:
increase soil's water retention, improve soil aeration

🌳Orchid Bark:
helps with aeration and drainage. I heavily use for my philos, hoyas, pothos, and monsteras. Don't buy the chunky one, those are yoo big. Instead, get the ones with fir, charcoal, and coarse perlite mixed in the bag.

Coco Coir:
helps with aeration and drainage. If your base soil doesn't contain this, it's a great addition to your soil mix.

Protects soil and roots from bacterial and fungal growth


Coco Coir


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Coarse perlite:

If you can get chunky perlite, that's better.
should be just fine they are very resilient and will do fine in any soil as long as they have drainage!
@Charli3Plant Here’s a website that has tons of info regarding soil and care for philodendrons:,is%20between%205.0%20and%206.0. check it out!
I use chunk mix I make. 80% Chunky amendments and 20% actually soil for these guys. Everything else gets 90% Chunky and 10% soil or no soil just 100% chunk
Very very pretty! A perfect impulse buy 😊 Whatever you choose just remember to let her dry out before you water again. They don’t like wet feet 🌱
In my mix I use a 1:1:1:1:1 ratio

1 part coco coir, 1 part perlite, 1 part orchid bark, 1 part horticultural charcoal, and 1 part worm castings and my philos thrive in that mix!
Thanks everyone for your suggestions! A+ very helpful ☺️