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Time to repot?

My SOP has lived on this SW windowsill for its whole life. The past few months or so, it looks pale and only grows very small pearls. The water also runs through/dries really quickly. Should I be time to repot ? #StringOfPearls #RepotSeason #HappyPlants #SucculentSquad
1ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Best Answer
I really think you should be repot it in a bigger pot and trim the ends
@AggroResting yes indeed. It needs fresh new dirt!!πŸ€—πŸ€©πŸ˜
May be time to propagate so the little guys can have a chance. πŸ™‚
It looks like it is overflowing in the pot, so I think maybe it is time to split it up or re pot it into a bigger pot. It seems happy in the light though so I would keep it there!! Good luck.
Yes repot when pearls get really small and it won’t retain water. Be sure not to put it in too big of a pot to upgrade.
I would try some fertilizer as well
They are absolutely beautiful still!
The problem is that the strings are too long, when they get that long the plant doesn’t have enough energy to make full healthy pearls. Good luck
Like 3-5 inches off the bottom
Thanks everyone! I repotted and will prune the ends back :)