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Is this pot lined with...stucco?? πŸ€”

Happy Friday everyone! As you can see from my first pic, the time has come to repot my fiddle fig πŸ˜› The new pot I've picked out has this stucco-type material on the inside that I've never seen before. Does anyone know what it is? Just want to make sure it's safe for my fiddle fig and won't damage the roots or anything. Thanks #GregGang #FiddleLeafFig #HappyPlants #RepotSeason
0ft to light, direct
10” pot with drainage
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Honestly it is very difficult to tell from the visuals. It kind of just looks like an internal design. Where did you purchase it?
@PlantJedi like most of my pots (and plants), I either found it on the sidewalk or got it at a yard sale. The inside is rough and grainy just like stucco, I don't know how else to describe it.
@stephonicle it has a drainage hole so that’s good. Seems like stucco gets damaged by vines versus doing damage to plants. It also seems that stucco absorbs moisture so that maybe helpful for a fig. If I’m not mistaken they love a good terracotta pot. If you want to be careful, my tip is to obtain lime pellets and worm casting. That’ll replenish the soil and keep your PH balance if it were to ever damage the soil. The roots touching the stucco probably won’t be harmed chemically.
@PlantJedi Right on! Thanks Miguel!
Stucco usually has some weight to it. So if the pot feels a bit on the heavy side it could be stucco. If the pot is on the lighter weight side I’d say it might actually be fiberglass.
And then a fail safe way to make sure it won’t damage your fiddle fig, would be to use a pot inside and keep that as a decorative cover.
@VerdantFlora after doing more research online, I think you're's definitely on the lighter side, so fiberglass seems likely. Thanks Sami! πŸ˜ƒ