Posted 4d ago by @Taschriv88

Thoughts needed! Help!
I purchased this Monstera Albo cutting on Mercari - long story short, the package was delayed in shipment so took longer than expected to get to me. Once it arrived I immediately noticed a bunch of root rot so I trimmed it and cleaned it up - then put it into LECA like I do all of my plants. Fast forward a week and I had to take it on a 12hr road trip to vacation and I notice the growth point looking a little… weird. Does it look like it’s ok or dying? Any thoughts would be so appreciated! #MonsteraAlbo
Hm…i am really not sure on this one, though the leaf looks healthy and a root appears to be growing well, so my instinct is to believe in her and think she will do fine. Perhaps @jcPlantProper @sarahsalith @HoyaAddict @KikiGoldblatt might know more? They have all helped me out a lot in the past!

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