Posted 1w ago by @AshleyK

Cut off top leaf of FLF
Okay on one of my branches a newer leaf looms really small and sad and crispy brown! It almost looked like that single leaf had spider mite damage.
The rest of the plant looks great so I chopped off the top leaf at the branch. Did I just make a grave error?! Lol #FicusGang #FiddleLeafFig
Wanna hit us w a picture? πŸ‘€
@RJG if the hack job I mean cut? Sure I’ll try!! Haha
The 2nd pic the leaf doesn’t look terrible the other half was crispy brown
Good chance it'll branch now 🀷🏽
@PlantMompy that’s what I’m hoping for but I am worried I didn’t cut the right spot!
@AshleyK usually you cut just above a leaf/leaf scar. Which it looks like you did, but I can't tell for sure with the angles. My only hesitation is if the part you cut off didn't take enough of the stem and was all leaves. But, you can give it some time to find out before cutting again!
@PlantMompy it’s the lower branch which is why I decided to experiment it then I was having remorse lol
@AshleyK perfect! Lol. I have a love/hate with FLF. As much as they frustrate me, they do take to being chopped up pretty well.
@PlantMompy I hope so! I’d be thrilled if it created branches from the cut but I know that might take a while
I cut mine and got a branch. I wanted 2 branches. πŸ˜’

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