Posted 3w ago by @Kaleyeeaah

Anyone know why it looks like this?
My window leaf looks burnt? One of the opening leaves actually pulled off the plant today and it was mushy.
2ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 hours ago
That first picture…it’s browning and that leaf has curled down. The second photo shows the yellow marking
My mini monstera recently had a problem like this- he got a lot of simular spots and mushy leavesβ€” turned out to be root rot :(

You may want to take it out of its pot and check the roots, rinse them, and make sure nothing is rotting. Maybe replace the soil aswell?
It might not be appreciating the direct light. I have found that once I moved my Adansonii wide form about 6 feet from the window, I started to get less brown edges and less yellow leaves.
@DirtyPossumBoy it was recently repotted. The roots were growing out the bottom and top of the pot, so I chose a draining pot that was about 1.5 inches larger than the previous. Could there be a potential for shock here? I might move it away from the window.
@sarahsalith it seemed when it was 6 feet away it was doing much better. I’ll move it!
@Kaleyeeaah you're right about the repotting, too. It might be acclimating to the new pot.
@Kaleyeeaah Yeah! It gets yellow spots from stress aswell :)

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