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I am once again asking for plant help, sorry.
My spearmint plant is looking sickly and I'm wondering if y'all can help diagnose the problem by looking at her.
I water her every 2-3 days. I have a mini water reserve for when/if I forget. She has proper drainage, I always check to make sure it comes out the bottom after watering.

Please help πŸ˜”
10” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
Even if the plant drains, the plant might be getting water too often. The reservoir + your watering might be too much! However, that's just a guess. It could so be sunburn- are the browning parts squishy or crispy?
The dead leaves are crispy and dried out but the brown spots on the leaves are mushy.
Oh, that could be root rot! It's caused by overwatering. You can take the plant out of the pot and remove any brown mushy roots. You can also apply Hydrogen peroxide to clean the remaining roots. Make sure to be careful not to water too much while it's recovering and it should bounce right back. ^v^ @parker
Thank you so much!!
For watering, I recommend removing the reservoir if you can and only watering when the soil becomes dry- if the top inch of soil is dry it needs water. (that's my general watering rule for my plants. You can adjust if necessary once you see how your plant reacts.)

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