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Is this okay?
I put my succs outside so they could get more sun (cos I thought that was why they were reaching so funky) but now they're getting even leggier and reaching even farther! Nietzsche is going NUTS. Marx got a bunch of pink back though, which I'm excited about! Is this okay? Am I missing something? Also my sand rose just got water yesterday and is still kinda mushy..
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
So you’re right first of all. Succulents do reach out when they need more sun however once they start reaching out you will never get them back to the compact style that they started as the best thing that you can do is to chop them and propagate that part if you want them to get nice and compact again. I had this with my succulent and it didn’t matter how close I put it to the window or outside it just got worse so I chopped the head off and propagated it and now I have three nice looking compact succulents. ☺️
@Jillysavage well it seems like they're getting even leggier since putting them outside! Is my direct sunlight not enough for these heathens?? 😂
@jennafizzler some succulents continue to stretch out even in direct sunlight it’s just in their nature. If they are going to grow in a compact way it’s going to take a while for that shape to return. If they continue to grow that way you have the option to just leave them or to chop and propagate. And I know sometimes the plant babies can be a little bit of a pain! I had similar problems with my succulent and I just decided to propagate it. 💚

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