Posted 1Y ago by @strawberrymoon

haworthia closing up
i tried watering him a little bit but no improvement, and put him in a slightly shadier spot. iirc this is usually due to dehydration which is why i did what i did but if so why isn’t he opening up again after the watering? his leaves aren’t soft or mushy. thank you in advance ^^
5ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 9 months ago
@strawberrymoon I wished I could help on this but I don’t have many succulents.

This site might be of some help.
@KikisOasis i checked the soil and it was completely dry so i tried giving him a deep watering- hopefully he gets better soon !!
@strawberrymoon so do I. Wishing you luck πŸ€
@KikisOasis thank you :) πŸ’•πŸ’•
I think you did everything right. just have to wait now. ☺️
@RJG tysm !! i was so scared i shouldn’t have watered him again today lol, i mean the soil was dry but i just get anxious watering this guy bc haworthias are known to dump their roots when they’re overwatered. fingers crossed that he starts getting healthy again!!