Posted 2Y ago by @StarTimeout

Health deteriorating

Curious about my palm, currently watering every 7-10 days. Leaves are beginning to dry out and trunks are beginning to slant. Appreciate any help! #RhapsisPalm
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Unfortunately Palms love πŸ’• love πŸ’• humidity. What you have left I highly recommend you spritzing it’s down everyday with water. I literally soak my Majesty Palm until it’s dripping wet. I would do the or invest in a small humidifier to put near it. Are you showing any signs of new growth whatsoever?

A Rhapis Palm grows best in bright indirect light. High light refers only to bright indirect light since direct sun often burns the leaves of indoor houseplants.also on the trucks that are slanting they are trying to reach for the sun. So if you have a place to move it to get bright indirect sunlight, I also recommend moving it.

Here is my Majesty Palm: excuse the mess and the first two pics has my grow light showing the purple hue.
@KikiGoldblatt amazing tips, thanks for going in to so much detail! Hmm the ship may have sailed as I’m not that confident there has been new growth. Appreciate it though!
@StarTimeout you are so very welcome. If there is still green on your plant then there is hope. Just move it to a different location to receive the bright indirect sunlight. And mist those babies daily. You never know. I hope you can save it.