Posted 4M ago by @ZestfulDewberry

repotting question

i just recently repotted my pothos and put it into a larger pot. her roots look healthy, no yellow spots, and i just recently watered her. I am just wondering if I should repot her again because some of the leaves are drooping down. I made sure to pack down the soil, so it doesn’t move around when i kind of shake the pot. Mind you the pot i took it out of was 2.5 inches smaller and the leaves were sticking up. Should i repot it again and make sure this isn’t happening? Or is it just because the pot is bigger and it really isn’t an issue?

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0ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
It's likely a little bit of transplant shock that it will come out of.
Plants are dramatic when it comes to repotting πŸ™„ pathos are resilient so they just need some time
@UltraKoreanfir i repotted it yesterday afternoon, kinda around 4:30. would it really happen that fast ?
@ZestfulDewberry yes. I don't see (in these pictures) it really looking all that sad. Like @SteadyTejocote said, Pothos can be dramatic. It's actually a good thing because (in my mind) dramatic plants give you straight up unmistakable visual cues as to when they are thirsty, etc.