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Droopy Peace Lily??
This girl was a beautiful, happy, perky plant when I got her, but recently she has been drooping and the new flowers have been turning brown before they unfurl. What could be causing this?? I appreciate any help I can get.

I have been using dehumidifier water and watering whenever she gets barely dry/ according to Greg recommendations.

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0ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
No expert on Peace Lilies but I’d suspect too much water. I’ve had to really cut back on what Greg thinks mine needs and the reality. I’m sure however there are plenty of Gregers who can guide you through this. 👍😊
@MariansOasis this might be helpful!! I’ll let her dry out a bit and see how she does. Thanks!
I agree that she looks a lil overwatered! I’d let her dry a lil more between waterings. They’ll wilt and be dramatic when they’re thirsty, but for now wait a few days between watering and make sure she’s not drinking too much water! 😊🌿✨
@kscape makes sense!! I read somewhere that they love staying moist and I might have taken it too far. 😂 I also have a humidity tray under her and I think she might be taking some of that water so I’ll try to raise her above it somehow. Thanks for the name, BTW!! It totally suits her. 😁
When my plants are@taking a little too long to dry I put a fan on really low to help. The little bit of wind also stimulates the plants a little.
@tango same thing happened to me “they like staying moist” I don’t find they do. They certainly don’t like it to dry but they like to dry out their parts a bit.
Mine did the exact same thing and sorry to say, I couldn’t save her. Aren’t they suppose to be easy going?
@Cholloway that’s what I thought!! Sorry about yours, they’re beautiful and must be so sad to lose! Hopefully mine doesn’t go the same way… 😅
@Jilliebeanstalk I’ll definitely try the fan!! That should help and I have a small one that will be perfect. Great tips!!
@kscape @MariansOasis I checked and she was actually pretty dry, but now I’m paranoid… 😅 I just filled the humidity tray as a compromise, she can take water if she needs it and if not it will evaporate quickly, because at @Jilliebeanstalk’s suggestion there is a fan on her. Sound ok? 😅 I feel so terrible because she looks so sad!!
@tango I agree with @kscape as well. I have been using my moisture meter more often now to help keep my from doing that very exact same thing. @Jilliebeanstalk that’s a great idea on helping them to dry out. Thank you for the idea.
@tango @kscape @Jilliebeanstalk surprised she was so dry despite your watering efforts. I’d give her a drink, use a tray as you already are but make sure she can’t pull from that too. I had begonias on a pebble tray that I thought was high enough above water but it wasn’t and they got super saturated. Moisture meter as @KikiGoldblatt recommended. Get a good one though from reputable source as I was gifted one and it was wrong from Day 1. So frustrating to rely on something only to discover it’s unreliable 🤪🤨. Keep updating. I’m curious to see what works! 👍
@KikiGoldblatt @MariansOasis thank you!! I’ll raise the pebble tray, and I have a moisture meter that seems reliable, so I think I’m all set!! I’ll definitely keep monitoring and see what works. 😊
It may need to repotted into a larger pot too. I did mine and it is beautiful. At one time I think I was watering mine too much, but I just water it once a week and sometimes stretch it out. Also, use a spray bottle and spray the leaves, they love the moisture from that. Have to see what it likes and mine don’t like direct sunlight. Praying for your plant. 😊
@user3a1f55f1 thank you!! It’s perked up a bit, but I definitely think it could use a repot. 😊 I’ll start pot-hunting!!
Also, keep in mind that peace lilies are notorious drama queens. If my girl gets thirsty, she droops like she's dying if I don't respond fast enough. I follow the app recommendation and she rarely has to resort to dramatics to get my attention anymore. Lol
I wouldn’t set it on top of that machine I would put it on a table or a plant stand for one thing. Maybe the vibration from the machine is doing something to it
@PetLimabean ah ok!! It’s just an air purifier, so I don’t know about any vibrations… but I will try to find another spot for her. Thanks for the suggestion!
@DeftCactus ah- ok. 😂 glad to know mine isn’t the only one!

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