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What’s this on my peace lily?
This appeared on my peace lily plant does anyone know what it is? I assumed it’s mold or something cause from overwatering, but has anyone had this issue before or is anyone familiar with what this is? I also want to add that is has a odor to it as well
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It is commonly known as the dog vomit slime mold or scrambled egg slime because of its peculiar yellowish, bile-colored appearance. A common species with a worldwide distribution, it is often found on bark mulch or in lawns in urban areas after heavy rain or excessive watering. Their spores are spread by wind.
Apparently it’s called dog vomit slime mold
what a silly name 😂😂
The species is known to trigger episodes of asthma and allergic rhinitis in susceptible people.
When mold releases spores it explodes and gets everywhere and becomes airborne
Bonide makes some fungicide sprays that might be worth trying. And switching to a soil that drains and dries faster may help. Sometimes a fan circulating the air nearby should help. It may not harm the plant at all. But may not be good to breath the spores all the time
Besides the potential of Fuligo septica spores to be an allergen to those who are susceptible, this surprisingly common slime mold is not toxic to people, plants, or animals. It can be found on rotting bark and forest floors in nature – or on wood mulch in urban areas – normally when conditions are moist.
@SirLiquorice thank you soooooo much it literally smells like the name lol
@ChansGarden lol yeah it looks like it would. I haven’t seen that indoors before. Only outside so I don’t think I’ve ever been close enough to smell it. At least it’s good it isn’t toxic. Just have to worry about allergies or asthma if anything.

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