Posted 7M ago by @Rosy07

I had a bunch of lithops, and they all eventually turned to mush like this guys in the picture. Is it too much watering or too much light?? I try to only water them once a month
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 months ago
I can only think they've been overwatered? Possibly the soil is retaining too much moisture?
dude is rotting :( there are specific seasons where you don’t water lithops at all, like keep them absolutely bone dry for a couple months. also that soil is very organic, which is too moisture retaining for a lithops. light is fine imo!
@strawberrymoon what type of soil do you recommend? I do believe this is a “succulent” based soil from miracle grow. I’ll take any input I can ☺️ thank you
@Rosy07 succulent soil actually tends to be more organic than what most sucs like- you could try getting pumice, akadama, lava rock etc and adding maybe half a scoop of that soil :)
@strawberrymoon thank you!!
You have to get him out of the dirt. It holds too much water. Use 100% pumice, shale, porous ceramic, or a mix of  all three- no brown organic matter whatsover. the less organic matter in the mix, the better. I have mine planted in a gritty mix if ricks i got on amazon :) good luck!
More than likely too much water; best way to check if Lithops is healthy is by digging them up and checking their roots/taproot- if it’s dry then they’re good, but if it looks mushy/slimy/wet, then that means root rot.
I keep my lithops in decomposed granite, they seem to love it!

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