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Do you think this is a good spot for my Satin Pothos?
This is more or less the amount of light it will get throughout the day. It’s a north facing window so the early mornings are brighter. I’ve always been confused on what “bright indirect” light means, does it basically just mean “don’t put it in darkness”? #scindapsuspictusexotica #Scindapsus #SatinPothos
10ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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My understanding is like ALOT OF LIGHT. Like near a window, but indirect being something filtering the direct sun rays. Whether it’s a shade cloth or a window etc. this should be an ok spot for it! Just monitor the water 💧
@jcPlantProper awesome thank you!! i think i might add a grow light to the wall next to it just to help it out a little, especially in the coming winter.
Your pothos will survive, but it wont thrive. It'll probably look laggy and shoot out long stems to reach closer to the light if you leave it there. Definitely move it closer to the window if you can. Windows filter out about 50% of light. In the winter, "bright indirect light" is direct sun, but in the summer, it's too intense, so you want to be as close to the window but not have direct rays on it, not all day at least.
@Kanteen would a grow light fix this issue? (i’m assuming so)
@newpoort it will need more light. They like medium to bright indirect sunlight. Mine gets bright indirect sunlight. Like someone said a grow light can fix it.
@KikiGoldblatt haha that was actually me asking if it would! but now i definitely will be adding the grow light i ordwred once it arrives!
I also feel like hanging it lower (adding an extension hook/arm at the top) will allow it to get more light and for a longer period throughout the day. I’m reading a book about plant care where he says” think about how much of the sky your plant actually sees”, that’s what indirect bright light is. You need to be close enough to the window to see a decent portion of the sky, and you see the sky, not directly the sun.
@newpoort yes, if you can supplement with grow lights, you can put your pothos anywhere! 🙌
@newpoort Wow, that's great for the plant. But…, are you ok with that? Haha, not very subtle.
@Kanteen i actually really like them! lol

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