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Brown Spots on Birds Nest Fern (Crispy Wave)
I’ve been noticing some brown spots on the leaves of my birds nest fern and am not sure what they are from. Plant seems healthy otherwise.
Following this bc I'm having the same issue with mine...
Amy - I checked your plant card and it says there’s no drainage holes at the bottom. But I see a tray beneath the plant. Does it have drainage? If not, you’ll just want to be extra careful to avoid over-watering. It would also help to know how far from a window it is, and which direction the window faces (South, North etc).

In general small imperfections are to be expected. It doesn’t look like a pest or disease and your #BirdsNestFern does look healthy otherwise. The real test of a happy plant is: has it grown recently? If not, it may need to be closer to a window.
@alex Hi Alex, yes the pot does have drainage holes. It is next to a window that faces South, but receives more indirect light
Got it! That’s probably a pretty good setup. During winter the light levels on east coast drop to 1/4 of what they are during summer, so I wouldn’t expect much growth, but during summer I expect this will be a happy plant!

I wouldn’t worry about the brown spots unless it leads to substantial leaf loss. Plants are imperfect (like humans 😊).
@alex thanks so much!

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