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How do I fill out the top of my string of pearls? I just ...

4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
@GrowingGrace I had mine look like that after I repotted it too. What I would recommend is take all the strings that are hanging over and put them back in the pot and let it root from there.
Wrap a couple strings around the inside of the pot and they'll slowly root that's what I'm doing with my variegated string of hearts I also set little rocks on top of some places where the stem is bare instead of pinning the strings down
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@PleaseLeaf I’m not familiar with pinning. Can you share how that works/what it’s for?
@GrowingGrace you can bend up paperclips to hold the strings in place but I didn't like the way that looked I actually have some sections covered in a thin layer of soil and I use the small rocks to hold those spots in place so they can root without being disturbed. Here's a link to explain better it's about string of hearts but it'll work with string of pearls
@PleaseLeaf Thanks so much!