Posted 10M ago by @CharmingKanono

Is my plant under watered? The leaves are turning crispy ...

Last watered 10 months ago
I would definitely say underwatered and possibly too much direct light. I would trim away anything crispy and dead to let it focus it's energy on healthy growth and give it a good soak as well as maybe bring it a little farther from the window. I'm not really experienced with this type of plant though so it could just be a water issue and not a light issue at all
Is the soil currently wet or dry? that's another good indicator of what the issue is
@GreenGracie i have a balcony and I had it outside last week. It was pretty windy and bright outside, and the soil had been pretty dry. I watered it four times last week, so I was just wondering if it can still@be too dry.
@CharmingKanono Yeah I would say it just needs a good soak and some trimming of the dead stuff!
Yes!!! Also consider fertilizing of it has been a while since it’s last dose. Maybe plot it outside for a shower in the rain or gently with the hose to knock off all the dead without making a mess inside.