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Repotting massive Rubber Plant

Hey there,

I've taken over my office plants because I love them. My big project this season is repotting and propagating our rubber plant... how big of a pot can I move into, taking into consideration that we are on the second floor in an industrial area. Also, should I be trimming this guy down, or is it okay for him to just keep on keepin on? He is just loving the window and lives to hug it. Hopefully, I'll be able to rotate once he is in his new pot, but any pointers on repotting one this large would be extremely appreciated.
16” pot with drainage
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@SavvyOleander you can definitely move them into a pot probably at least a couple of sizes up so i think thay would be 45cm maybe 50cm at a push.

You can trim him down if you want I have just trimmed one of mine to see what its like. just above a leaf node. It's personal preference. You could also try a larger central pole if you what them more straight and tie to that rather than the small bamboo stakes.

You may also find that they have already propagated by division looking at them. So you may have a few of plants in the same pot so you can leave them together or split them into different smaller pots.
@PoisedCurly that's a great ides with the wheels.
Can’t advise on the plant care as I’m a beginner but I’ve stated using a base with wheels to help move mine that would help you rotate yours easily. Mines a metal one from a diy store but you can get wooden ones or make one?
@TheLonelyDaff thank you! I'll head out in the next week to try to find a pit that size

If I were to trim him down should i do that before / after repotting so there isn't too much happening at once or is it okay to haircut and new home at the same time?
@PoisedCurly I could have sworn I responded last night but I guess it didn't post - thank you for that idea, I'm definitely going to look for some for both the rubber plant and also all our fiddle leaf figs, keeping them rotated is rough currently, that would solve so many problems πŸ˜€
@SavvyOleander πŸ˜‚ yes I’m dragging my plants around my lounge swopping them into the shady bits after having some sun it’s a nightmare πŸ˜‚
@TheLonelyDaff I’ve got 4 plants on wheels currently
@PoisedCurly brilliant, the only big one i have is a 15+.year old jade and that's a mission to move in for the winter. Will definitely look into it
@SavvyOleander i would space the out to not shock him too much but they are pretty resilient. Either way probably a couple of weeks at most is fine. I trimmed mine down but its alot smaller. If its in good light and given time it should be fine if you do them at the same time. But might be good to wait and see how he likes the new pot and home before giving them a haircut. Im not sure it matters if you trim then pot or pot then trim. Let us know how it goes.

You can also put the off cuts into soil/water and they should prop.