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Unidentified White Spot?
This one leaf on my Money Tree, Sad Boi, has this white spot that goes all the way through the leaf… I’ve never seen anything like this, is it a type of sunburn? The rest of the tree looks pretty healthy still, just some droopy leaves up top, so dramatic 🙄
What’s this spot and should I be worried about it?
Best Answer
That's sunburn...
Growing forward, monitor your plantbaby's bright light exposure and remember to rotate your plantbaby with every WATERing. Give the leaves a good MISTing daily for the next two(2) weeks, to keep the leaves cooled, and it will continue growing just fine.

💚🍃 Keep Growing!🍃💚
Looks like sunburn.
Yupp! That is definitly sunburn! It can survive it - no worries. Just give it a turn!

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