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Does anyone go in the “woods” and find their plants there?
I seen some plants that are sold in nursery’s in a ditch down the street from where I stay, but I wanted to know if anyone does this? Cause I’m sure about to. Also Ima wait till after it rains so It can be easily to pull from the ground.
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Nurseries often carry plants that grow well locally, and some plants they sell in nurseries grow TOO well locally and are borderline or essentially invasive. Such as Trumpet Vine and Mexican petunia in my area, I can find them in nearly every ditch in my area 🤣 I'd check what it is first and make sure you want it around before inviting it home 😁
What have you found in the woods!?
I'm now super intrigued
Me too!!! I want to know what you found.... also I do gather moss and have gathered daylilles....but never put them inside. I am so curious to see this....please keep us posted
sometimes my grandma keeps a couple of the native plants that show up in her garden (like strawberry begonia!) but i never heard of going to the woods for plants. ive found a few cool plants on hikes that id love to take home but idk whether they’re endangered/threatened etc so i probably won’t take them 🥲 idk tho, i might grab some sidewalk moss since they’re everywhere here in japan! btw id love to know what plants you found in the woods👀
I used to get baby trees from the ditches next to where they grew trees for the paper factory. They just mow them down otherwise 😱
One of my kiddos went on a hike in the Smokeys and brought home this Rattlesnake Plantain - it looks like a Jewel Orchid.

The momma in me thought it was sweet, but the plant lover in me suggested next time, take a picture and leave it for someone else to enjoy.

My little kiddos being me plant from our yard all the time, but it's on our property, ya know?
I’ll be going Saturday since it will rain. I’ll let y’all know soon!!!!!
I don’t know what they are called but I’ll take pictures!Saturday afternoon
Getting ready to go get those plants 😊
@BuoyantFord this is what i found !! My plant on my wish list
@PlantEsteem update!! This is what I found!!
@strawberrymoon S/o to my fiancé! We found all these Taro Plants! Right on my wish list 🤍
@DefiantDndylion yes the other arrowhead plants i saw earlier this week they mowed them ! But this is what I found!
@Herbalgreen25 😮😮😮
@sarahsalith this is what I ended up finding 😊
Wow! They look so healthy and great!!
@Herbalgreen25 that’s awesome!! also that’s a huge cluster 👀 i usually only see single plants popping up here and there
@sarahsalith that’s such a pretty plant!! are jewel orchids native to your area?
Nice find 😁 congratulations

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