Posted 1w ago by @ameliaa

why are my fig tree leaves droopy?
Is it getting a lot of light in that spot? They like light. Also, they're a little fickle and may throw a tantrum of something recently changed.
@AwesomePlants it’s right in the window so I’m pretty sure it gets a lot of light but idk, can water affect the droopy leaves too?
@ameliaa it can. Over or underwatering and poor light can cause the leaves to droop. If it's always been in that spot and doing well, it may need water if you haven't watered it lately.
@RJG is the #Ficus whisperer in the #FicusGang
@AwesomePlants I watered it maybe last week and I went to water it again a few days ago and the soil was still damp a few inches down, do I wait longer to water it or water it now?
@ameliaa Let's see what @RJG recommends.

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