Posted 3M ago by @LoyalToTheSoil

My plant is almost dead! I need help in reviving my plant...

6ft to light, indirect
14” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Can I ask, what happened to it? Looks like it’s lost a lot of stalks
@BabeVila I think I started to overwater it bc it started to wilt quickly so I stopped watering it as frequently. I tried to trim a lot of the stalks since they died. I’ve had it for almost a year but I’m not sure if it can be saved :(
@Aikalovesphilos Hi Erika! It’s not near an AC or a heater (it’s in my living room but it doesn’t get direct sunlight since it’s facing North). My pot is about 12 inches. Should I get a smaller pot? Can it be revived? I used some fertilizer a few weeks ago but it didn’t do much of anything.
@LoyalToTheSoil I would definitely listen to @Aikalovesphilos, you could go down 1-2” in pot size, and I found an article to help you troubleshoot what’s wrong with it
Thank you so much for all of your help Shannon & Erika!! πŸ˜€ I will definitely do that and see how it goes! @BabeVila @Aikalovesphilos
If you find it dying back more, chop & prop! I just helped my mom with the same plant and it rooted in water within 2 weeks.