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Leaf mites?
A friend saved this plant from a neighbor who was going to throw it out but then noticed that the aloe Vera plant began changing color and then eventually noticed the mites. Is the damage too severe to salvage? #AloeVera #PestControl
That is wild- I've never seen anything like it before! It's like a bunch of octopi doing headstands.

If it does have bugs, I'd get it away from any healthy plants.
It looks like it's an Aloe cameronii. They change from green to red during their development and are even able to make flowers. I don't have any of these, but as far as I know, poor drainage or too much shade can lead to attacks by pests and diseases. I would recommend checking to see if it could be one of the reasons why it has mites. As for what I can see from the photo, I guess your Aloe has Aloe Mites also known as Aloe Gall due to the color and structure the mites form. But I don't see any misformed leafs, which is also one of the signs of Aloe Mites. So I would recommend doing some research and taking a closer look at the mites. As for the damage, I think it should be okay after treatment because it seems like the mites haven't caused any abnormal growth of the leaves, but they can cause server damage when not treated. Cutting the damaged leaves and fully removing the bugs by hand could do the trick, but I am not an expert, so I would recommend verifying that by an expert first. Hope the plant survives. By the way, besides the mites, it looks awesome, and it's amazing to hear that your friend saved it from the neighbor's bin. Hope to hear from you if the plant survived the mites.
Quarantine this plant away from your other plants. Bailey’s is so right. Your Aloe Cameronii has Aloe mites. When these Aloe mites feed on the plant tissues, they will inject a chemical into the plant that causes the abnormal masses of tissues or tumors on the leaves. Go to this website to learn how to save your plant:
Try physically removing the abnormal growth. I hope your successful and I wish your plant a speedy recovery.

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