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Help Id-ing

Looking for help identifying this plant! Greg says a Panda Plant but that's not right! #Kalanchoe #succulentsquad #happyplants #succulent
6ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 months ago
Best Answer
It looks like it could be a blue chalk sticks plant! Never had one but I know they're slow growing plant that spread more horizontally than vertically. Some will take on purple colors in extreme sun exposure. Hope this helps :)
Thank you very much! It does look like that!
@vvvelo do you agree this is blue chalksticks? I'd love your thoughts!
@PlantMom does it have strong white farina around the leaves and body?
@PlantMom if it has it then this is Senecio Cocoon Plant
@vvvelo yes it does! Thank you so much
@PlantMom could you share more pics please. It is really hard to see clearly your plant on that photo.
Here's another!
Como plant
That plant is adorable