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My Star Cactus had pups

My star cactus had pups (actually, it came with pups). Four of them had a root each (yes, only one root) and I put them in a separate pot. Three others didn’t have roots. They’re currently in a plastic cup, about 4 feet away from an east facing window and gets indirect light. I got them almost a month ago, and they still don’t have roots. Am I doing this wrong, or does it just take a while? #StarCactus #Haworthia
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
@SimpleSucculent It can take awhile. You could put them on top of a thin succulent soil and on a plate instead of the cup. they’ll get airflow that way and will keep them from getting fungus.
Also, just know that
Sometimes they don’t all produce roots. And sometimes they do. The key is patience. Hope this helps! 😊🪴🌱🌵
@SunnyPlants thanks! I think I can keep them in the cup, as there is no lid on it. And they seem healthy so far! I won’t be too disappointed if they don’t grow, though. I was planning on getting one plant and the pups were a kind of bonus
That happened to me too with my jelly bean succulent… I did what @SunnyPlants said and all 5 pups have started to root… 🙌🙌🙌 i’ve also seen other people do the way that you’re doing it but either way I wish you great luck and I cannot wait to see your pups grow to be big big plant momma!
agree with @SunnyPlants! just a tip but next time i would wait until they’re just a bit bigger to separate and plant them. it’d give them a better chance at survival i think!
@strawberrymoon I had no experience with pups at the time. If any of my plants have pups in the future, I’ll definitely let them grow at least a few roots first.