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I got this from Home Depot a week or so ago, and can’t seem to find a definite ID. So once again I’m asking for help to identify this #Succulent I think it may be in the Echeveria, graptoveria, or pachyveria family. The closest thing I have came up with is a Powder Puff Pachyveria. But I am not 100% sure, if you know please comment below. Thanks for your help in advance! 🫶🏻🪴 #PlantAddict #GrowingSuccs bloomingSuccs">#bloomingSuccs #Echeveria #Graptoveria #Pachyveria #GregGang #PlantID #identify #plantidentification #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Succulents #GreggersSupportingGreggers #succ
4” pot with drainage
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I have this book marked. It has pictures of over 200 echeverias… if it isn’t an echeveria then it won’t help 😂
Based on the flowers and reddish tips, looks like it could be Echeveria pulidonis!
Echeveria pulidonis, for sure. They have the pink/red tips and bloom closer to spring. They flowers can be pink or yellow 🫶🏻
@RightfulAvocado wow that’s the last thing I thought it was ! Pulidonis can shape and color shift like no other! I feel so silly… I have like 5 pulidonis that all look so different from each other! Thank you.
@TheOddAsity I'm so glad you posted that link again! It somehow got deleted from my phone. I looked one day and it wasn't on my home screen anymore. Definitely saving it to a safe folder this time! 🫶🏼
@TheOddAsity thanks for sharing this link. I’m not great with ID, especially echeverias!
It’s pretty
Well…definitely NOT a ghost plant. I lean towards Pachyveria but alas I don’t know species. My apologies
@TidyTigerpear nope nope nOne. This is not Pulidonis. It does not even look like Pulidonis.
It could be powder puff, but it is too green for it. It also could be Pachyveria Hookeri or some kind of pachyphytum Glauka
@vvvelo I didn’t think it did either ! At all
@vvvelo it doesn’t look like a pulidonis at all to me! I agree the flower is similar but the plant isn’t.