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Experiment 2: Philo Brasil & ✨Pothos Water✨ (1 month update)
Hello there, #GregGang 👋🏽

🔬It has been a month since I started this experiment! I’m testing 3 methods of #waterpropagation : 100% Water, 50/50 water & Pothos water, and 100% Pothos water. Read more here:


📸 click images to see descriptions.

• 1st Pic: Taken today. The cuttings are labeled A, B, and C.

• 2nd Pic: Test A is rooting in 100% Bottled Water. The roots look great! I’ve noticed up close that these roots a slightly thinner than Test B & C. The roots are looking clean and no sign of rotting. There are also 3 new growth points that may push out leaves sometime soon 🙌🏽

•3rd Pic: Test B is rooting in 50/50 Bottled Water & Pothos Water. The roots are getting longer! This cutting is pushing out a new leaf as well! I’ve noticed that Test B is continuing to rot from the bottom after snipping a few days ago. This is the only cutting that is rotting, but no problems with growth! 😁

• 3rd Pic: Test C rooting in 100% Pothos Water! I mean, look at that DIFFERENCE IN LENGTH! Those roots are absolutely FABULOUS! They are also thicker and cleaner than the other two tests. Pothos Water for the Win! 🙌🏽🌱⚡️💧

I’ll be waiting a couple more weeks and then I’ll be transplanting them with their Mother plant 🌿✨

Let me know what you guys think! 😁 #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantTherapy #NewGrowth #ScienceWithGreg #Philodendron #PropagationStation #PlantCorner #GregGang #Greggers #PlantingOnABudget #PothosWater #CentralTexasGang #kscapedream
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Could you try #PothosWater on different kind of plants like succulents, flowers, and aquatic plants? I wonder if different kinds of plants will be do different things. Also plants with different kinds of roots like rhizomes
Also, do you think plants growing in different kinds of soil will show different results when being watered with #PothosWater?
@PlantyPlanter I’ve actually been thinking about doing an experiment with #PothosWater and aquatic plants! Once I get it set up, I’ll keep you posted!
@ESylvanus can’t wait to see! I know @sarahsalith was using it for her fish tank but it would be cool to see what it does to other aquatic plants and not just algae
@PlantyPlanter Unfortunately i don’t have space nor money to be able to do all that 😅 but I am trying it with a succulent!

hopefully @ESylvanus will be able to do some posts! Im hoping for others to be able to use Pothos Water for other experiments as well!

It’s possible that different mediums will affect the growth. I’ve noticed, for example, im propagating a VSOH in water and one in soil. The one in soil seems to be growing faster than the one in water.

I also have a friend who’s growing a VSOH with me. We have the same waterings and whatnot, but only thing is, I’m watering with Pothos and they’re watering with distilled :)

So far, mines doing better than theirs 😁✨
@kscape that makes sense that the one in soil is growing faster, since it has more nutrients. Do you think different kinds of soil effect the growth? I have a cactus I could water with #PothosWater
I LOVE all the #PothosWater posts, Dari!! They always make me smile. (:
@PlantyPlanter Ooo yes! I also know @SirLiquorice was interested in watering cacti with Pothos Water! Maybe I can try with my very thirsty bunny ear cactus!
@sarahsalith thank you so much, Sarah! 🫶🏼🫶🏼 I saw ur Dubia post by the way! So happy for someone to be receiving one! I’m unsure if mine’s doing okay or not 🫣
@kscape leaf it alone and let it grow ... and water it with #POTHOSWATER!
@kscape yeah especially when it’s a cutting. A bunny ear pad would be a good way to test to see if it helps it grow roots quicker.
@kscape BUNNY EAR CACTUS??? Send me a pic!! 😍😍😍
@PlantyPlanter I’m at work but when I get home, I have various bunny ear pads I can totally experiment on!! @SirLiquorice
Wow amazing 😍😍 love pothos water I used it for all my progation lol thanks to u
That's some astonishing growth @kscape!
@kscape looking great. 💯💯🥰🥰💕💕

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