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Hi! I've had Fish for a couple of months now, and took he...

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1ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 9 months ago
Looks pretty good! Just be careful to never overwater, don’t water, unless the top of the soil is dry even down a couple inches. These guys croak out with too much water.
@BambooLover have you fertilized? There’s different succulent fertilizers that work really great for these guys. The leaf could be a tiny bit more vibrant but I think it looks pretty good.πŸ₯°
@BambooLover Thank you so so much!! I've never used fertilizer before but I'll definitely look into it more πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
@Farrfarr if it’s getting tons of light sometimes they don’t need fertilizer, but he looks like it might benefit.
I fertilize most of mine and it makes a massive difference😌
She looks a bit droopy for this type of plant, but it looks like the spaces between the leaves are a bit long, so it's possible that she's merely a bit leggy and the stems aren't quite up to fully holding up those big leaves. I'd definitely keep a bit of an eye on her as I'd expect the leaves to be a bit more upright, so it's possible she might be a bit overwatered or underwatered. These guys have super fine root systems and can store some water in their leaves since they are a bit thicker and semi succulent. How often do you water her? As mentioned above, fertilizing is also a great idea. You can use a regular houseplant fertilizer on peperomias. They can be a bit prone to calcium and magnesium deficiencies so I always make sure I use a fertilizer that has all the macro and micro nutrients for plants. Bless Your soil has a great one that you can dilute into water and use every time you water.

She would probably also love more light if you can give it to her, since I see on your plant card that she's in a northern window. Peperomia can handle lower light than some plants but they love bright indirect light, and with this particular one, if you give it brighter light, you'll get even more of that red on the leaves. I've got one that has been in a southern window (with filtered light) for most of the time I've had it, and the leaves are gorgeous with a super deep red flush on the edges and backs.

Here are some pictures of my jelly plant so you can see the coloration and growth pattern 😊 Hope this helps!
@RelentlessZebra Omg thank you so much!!! I definitely think I may have been overwatering a little bit so I'll cut back on it. Your jelly plant is so pretty too❀️
@Farrfarr I let mine dry almost entirely out. One thing you can do to check if it needs water is, in addition to checking the soil with your finger or a wooden chopstick/skewer, feel the leaves. The older fully grown leaves should be really firm and not really able to be bent at all. If you can fold them a bit like a soft taco shell and the soil is dry, she probably needs to be watered. New leaves will be soft and foldable for quite a while until they mature completely and harden off (you can see several of these on my plant, they are the larger ones that aren't very red and have a yellow tint to the edges), but established leaves on this particular kind of plant should be pretty firm.