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Why are the leaves stems so@long an they just lay the don...

0ft to light, indirect
Last watered 7 hours ago
Hello @TopRustyfig droopy leaves can signal a nutrient deficiency. It's like your Cyclamen is holding a picket sign that reads, "Feed me!" A balanced fertilizer can be a quick fix, acting as a vitamin shot for your plant. Check the soil before you fertilize. If it's dry, water your plant first to avoid root burn.
Morning, Roberta. You’re in the growing season for most plants, but for cyclamen, it’s the resting season. These are cool-weather plants.

I just pull the little stems off my plant when I see them declining. I slow the watering rhythm and I leaf it alone. I only fertilize in the winter (if I remember).

I know that in the late fall, my plant will unfurl new leaves and it will flower!

Off the top of my head, my frizzle sizzle, my cyclamen, and my mountain rose all go dormant in the summer months.
@sarahsalith ok thanks so much