Posted 1M ago by @xiao

Help :( i dont know whats wrong with him

Hes not liking water and even when hes bone dry he doesnt like it and now he looks burnt?
6โ€ pot
Last watered 1 month ago
@xiao have you tried distilled water?
@Seymour i havent, would it make a difference? Do you have any advice for the brown leaves?
@xiao can you describe his conditions more eg humidity, temperature, light and watering?
@Seymour my place is quite humid, though i have a dehumidifier on somedays, hes in full light and temp is usually 21-22 celcius, i stopped watering him when he was drooping as i fed him two weeks ago
@xiao they prefer indirect light so that might be the first issue. They like humidity and here's a guide for watering and checking the soil. Hope this helps and here is a useful care guide.
I boil my tap water for my plants to remove any fluoride. They've been doing better since !
Also, my parlor palm had overcrowded roots so I planted her in a 2x bigger pot & she's been green & perky ever since