Posted 9M ago by @NumberoneKowhai

Brown tips on my fairy washboard

I noticed this morning that the tips of my fairy washboard are browning which is causing them to cave in/flatten. Am I overwatering? What should I do?
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
@NumberoneKowhai Well, don't fret, it's like a little plant SOS. This usually happens when you've been a bit too generous with the watering can. These succulents prefer to chill out between sips, so let that soil dry out about an inch deep before you water again. Pot Protocol: Check if your pot has some drainage action going on. Your plant doesn't want to sit in a puddle; it prefers a bit of room to breathe down below. And after you water, make sure to empty that saucer underneath – no plant enjoys soggy feet! Sunlight Situation: The lighting matters too. These beauties prefer some bright but indirect sunlight. If they're getting too much direct sun, that can also lead to those brown tips. But if you ask me your Golok tips are not looking seriously gnarly they are fine So there you have it, kick back, adjust the watering game, and your fairy washboard should be rockin' that fresh look in no time!