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Help with my peace lily
I’m not sure why it’s been drooping so much, I repotted it two days ago and check her roots. And help is appreciated.
When was it last watered? Drooping could be overwatering but could also be a sign of underwatering for sure
They need soil that drains and dries quickly I’ve noticed. They can’t get better if the soil stays wet too long. Needs to dry between watering without taking too long to dry. Adding perlite to the soil should help that
Sometimes peace lilys may start drooping after repotting because it is in shock, does not have enough water, or there's too much water. Did you give it a good amount of water after you repotted it?
@SirLiquorice 5 days ago, I repotted it just in case it was over watering
@SirLiquorice oh she’s in a mix of moisture control soil and succulent soil
They are drama queens for sure!!! Did you water it after repotting? If not, give her some water and see if that does the trick
@emmiev123 I could water it but I’m scared that’s why she drooped
@Happyplants247 I’ll try that
@bunu it may need some water now.
@bunu i would maybe poke a finger in the soil and see if she’s dry all the way down or not!
Give her a chance to acclimate to her new environment and also check the water and water only once a week.
@bunu do you have a soil moisture meter? If not I recommend buying one. I found a couple at Walmart for $6 each before. The most expensive ones are usually maybe $18-$22 but then they do more than just test the soil moisture level. It’s definitely a very useful tool to eliminate any guessing. Then you can be completely sure the soil is dry all the way to the bottom.
With cacti I usually wait 3-7 days to water after repotting but for some more tropical houseplants and such you may need to water much sooner than that since it isn’t a drought tolerant plant. I wait to avoid rot issues in case any roots are damaged but you probably don’t have to worry about that as much with a peace lily. They can survive overwatering better than cacti can
As long as your soils drains and dries fast enough it should be okay. Just as long as it isn’t sitting in wet soil for a long time
A fan circulating nearby may help sometimes if soil isn’t drying fast and getting moldy on top.
@SirLiquorice oh I can afford one now but it’ll be something I’ll look into!
@SirLiquorice I’ll try to follow your suggestions as best I can. I did water her though This type works pretty good and isn’t too expensive
Thank you everyone, she perked up, everything she wasn’t perky when I last watered her. I guess it was the repottingbplus the watering, the big baby.

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