Posted 1M ago by @ExpertDisphyma

My plant has not flowered in months. Leaves are beautiful...

3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
I'm glad you found Greg, Debi! African violets do well with plant food to help them bloom. Oftentimes you can get the plant food from your grocery store! (:
I'm having the same issue with mine, I thought it went dormant but it's growing alot of new leaves.
Be patient! I bought three at the same time several months ago. One has been blooming the whole time and the other two are just now starting to bud. I use African violet fertilizer diluted every time I water.
I’ve used miracle grow sticks and I’ve used diluted organic fiddle leaf fig fertilizer - both work well. My purple violet goes through bloom spurts with a month or two between them. You’ll get there!