Posted 3M ago by @CaringLavender

Mystery plant

Hi Everyone! I bought this plant a couple days ago at a small florist shop. It didn’t say what plant it was and the pot didn’t have a label on it either, so I’m wondering if anyone knows what this could be? It’s quite small and came in a much smaller pot than in the picture, so I’m guessing she’s a baby?
10ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Best Answer
Hi Therese! This is definitely a small but very healthy ‘Petra’ Croton from the Codiaeum family of plants ☺️ They’re incredibly hardy and drought tolerant, not only during their nursery stages (pot growing) but even more so once established in the ground. They prefer soil with good aeration and drainage, they don’t favour a deep watering as they’re traditionally a tropical plant variety so I’d recommend keeping it lightly moist but never damp and allowing it to dry out a little between waterings. As it grows you’ll be able to enjoy a collection of not only its current glossy green but also deep and vibrant red, yellow and orange leaves! Congratulations on your pretty petra and best of luck 🪴
Can you take some more pictures of the leaves? 🍃 😊
Thank you so so much! It looks stunning in all the pictures I’m seeing ☺️🍂 so excited!!