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alocasia repotting? help!
I was gonna repot both my alocasia black velvet and dragon scale. But they both have new leaves on the way, and each has a corm that is sprouting but no leaf yet. Should i wait until the new leaves are mature and the bulbs has a leaf? does it matter?
10ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@tenutski when you do repot make sure it has drainage and use a well draining soil. Also I suggest getting some perlite to add to the soil the help with irrigation. Maybe a handful per each pot. I would wait until the new leaves mature before repotting because when you repot you will have transplant shock. I’m not expert by all means. But I’m just giving you my opinion only. @sarahsalith @HoyaAddict @jcPlantProper may have other suggestions.
My suggestion is if you’re going to repot it, repot it and leave the corms where they are don’t mess with them. it’s ok if they get covered in the soil. If you plan on planting the corms, it’s more than ok that they get covered a bit. Or did you want to plant the corms?
It should be okay to repot them if their root system needs it. If there is any transplant shock the new leaves may be slightly stunted but this won’t affect the overall health of your plant too much and new leaves will still come perfect after. Don’t go up too high in pot size, Alocasia need to be treated like babies 😅 If the corms pop off really easily then they’re okay to seperate and grow away from the main plant! I would advise peeling them gently with your nails if you can (this will increase growth rate by about 20%) then pop them on a little bit of moist (not wet) spagnum moss and stick it in a inflated plastic ziplock bag. You could also throw it in a clear plastic prop box with moist spaghnum. Or even stick it in a lightly moist pot of soil with a plastic bag over it. Keep it warm and wait a few weeks. The small amount of moisture, air and heat will encourage the corm to grow. Good luck 🌱🍀

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