Posted 3w ago by @SmartRedash

Greg is telling me to water every 3 days?

Is snoozing actually an effective way to teach Greg what your plant needs? I just watered 3 days ago, snoozed, and now it's saying I should water in 3 more days? #snakeplant #dracaena
3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 hour ago
You should probably water it less. Unless the grow light is really bright and close to it. Then, you should move the grow light further away. Snake plants are succulents, but they’re a kind of succulent that doesn’t like as much light.
@SmartRedash when you snooze, Greg will always prompt you to water in three days. Over time the recommendations will increase. I use Greg as more of a reminder to check soil conditions. No app will ever take the place of the tried and true finger test!!!!
Yes snoozing teaches Greg
Snooze away, it’s a trap!