Posted 3w ago by @privvgrayson

is it okay ?
i’m nervous about my jellybean :( greg says wait 5 days but idk if i should water it now or wait since a leaf fell off and it looks like another is gonna come off too from the very bottom 🤧
5ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
I am not sure but what i know about jelly beans are they prefer completely dry soil before watering them. Overwater will saturate the leaves and they will fall off or cause root rot from the moisture. I read once that you should wait for the leaves to shrivel a bit and the soil completely dry before watering. Looks over watered to me but that’s my opinion only. Good luck.
nah don’t water!!! in fact the soil is probably retaining too much moisture for them. maybe repot in succulent soil- also you can prop the leaves :)
I'd repot it in a slightly smaller pot — teriotta would be best or ceramic (glazed clay) best to use succulent soiled mixed with perlite 2:1 ratio or pumice is also a good sub for perlite. Otherwise little beans will retain too much water in the soil.

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