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any ideas what these could be?
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3ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Could be spider mites. Isolate your plant and treat it with Neem oil every 7 days until they're gone. Don't apply Neem oil in the sun it will burn your leaves. If it was arrived other plants make sure to check and treat them as necessary. Keep any infected plants away from your other plants.
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I agree with @Sassylimey. This could be some type of pest.
I do agree it looks like some sort of parasite/pest; it is important to correctly identify which one(s) are present because treatment varies depending on the pest and time is of the essence with many of them. This looks like it could be thrips. describes thrips damage as such : β€œThrips damage includes streaks, silvery speckling, and small white patches. This happens because the thrips suck plant cells from many garden plants, flowers, fruits, and shade trees.” To me it looks like you have small white patches that might be where they are attacking the plant tissue. I would treat with insecticidal soap, both on the leaves and in the soil. Mix 2 tablespoons Castile soap and 4 tablespoons cold pressed neem oil in very warm water. These are the ingredients of insecticidal soap β€”you want warm water so the oil mixes better at a warmer temperature. Spray the mixture on tbe leaves and pour some into the plant until you see it coming out the drainage hole. Poke with a chopstick to ensure the solution penetrates and Saturates all areas of the soil. Repeat weekly. I am attaching a link to show you how to identify thrips based on tbe pictures. This authors recommends using the soap once a week. I would water with this solution whenever it’s time to water your plant until you see improvement. Also try using a lint roller to remove the insects. This will probably take months until the plant is pest free.

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