Posted 3M ago by @petiteplants

Repot or keep snug?

My cebu blue has a few bottom leaves wilting, but lots of the new growth and top of the vines are standing and it appears well watered. I'm wondering if the wilting might be a sign its time to size up in the pot size? #cebubluepothos
1ft to light, direct
Last watered 3 months ago
It’s tough to tell just by looking at the plant. You want the pot size to match the root size. If lots of roots are coming out the bottom holes, that’s a sign. You can also gently slip the pot off and see if the roots are crowded. If they are, you want to go up just one pot size (1-2” more in diameter). The wilting leaves might be normal, just old or weak leaves shedding off. The fact that the rest of your plant is doing well makes me think this is very possible. Very pretty plant! πŸͺ΄
I had one that seemed similar size and had two leaves that started yellowing so I thought the same. I wanted to repot anyways he’s new. I split the plant into two, one in small pot and the other with moss pole. I would say the roots were only JUST established enough to make this change. They definitely weren’t root bound or struggling. First pic is original plant and the following are after split.