Posted 1w ago by @shirleybong

General question
Is this app cannabis friendly? I have friends in legal states who grow legally and I think this would be an awesome thing for cannabis people to be able to track their flowers as well. Since it is a plant I'd figured I'd ask and if so I'll let my friends know! @RJG
I am ..but idk about the app
Seems to be. I see marijuana posts and it is listed as a plant.
Cool! I'll have to let my friends know. This app just keeps getting better!
@shirleybong don't forget to share the link so they get 3 free months. (:
@sarahsalith I don't have the option to share the link it's not where people show it is for me
So not here under your settings?
@sarahsalith yeah don't have that only has an option to share my link to my page
Shirley your link to share would be
@RJG ok so if they use my normal link I can get the 3 months too?
If you send them that link, and they use it, you both get a 3 months free.

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