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Any tips to help them grow?

Hey all! So I realized my love for plants ( mainly marantas and calatheas ) very recently and now among my 22 plants two of them are calathes. They were growing justified, but I’ve noticed this whole week. They’ve seemingly stopped growing. I’m not seeing anything too crazy so is there anything I can do to help them grow and pray more? #CalatheaCrew #HappyPlants #PlantAddictProbz
2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
So what I know about calatheas is they don’t tend to grow that much and kind of slow. Maybe to stimulate them you can place them in a bright area (indirect sunlight) or even report to a bigger container? Hope this helps and best of luck. They look beautiful tho 🤩
@HipGooseberry Thank you! Dottie was growing like crazy last year and now shes been struggling to so open that leaf . So proud of her tho because she was soosick when i got her
Some of my calatheas seems to grow in periods. Pushing out new leaves for a few months, and then a month break, before they start again.

Is it long since you fertilized? My Makoyanas and Pinstripe often get to growing fast a short time after fertilizing (deluted).

If it has been in the same pot for a year it might also be root-bound, though the Dottie doesn't seem that big.🪴

Also be careful with that much water standing on the leaves, as it might attract fungi and damage the leaves.

I see from your plant-profile it is standing near an AC. They might not like the draft if the AC is ON more often these days.
@MockingJay thanks! She got fertilized yesterday and she gets a little treatments every time she’s watered with noot. ( 0.5 mls per half gallon )
I was thinking about using regular distilled water and not using “old” tap water ( letting the water sit out for a day before use) and yeah its a regular vent that they are above and i was wondering is i should close it. The only issue is that my room is severely insulated so it gets very warm without proper venting. I think that should be fine for now though.
Last thing is that i also mist them regularly since its so dry in the summer here should i keep that up?
@Lårysgrove destilled or rain-water is usually reccomended if you have hard or alkaline tap-water (or other chemicals like chlorine or fluoride). But if it has been fine for a year I'm not sure I would bother😄

I usually avoid misting as I think the risk for infections and damage is bigger than what it is worth🙈 It doesn't really help the humidity that much. I would reccomend a humidifyer if the air is really dry, or you can try a pebble-tray. In wintertime (when it is dry here) I put mine together in a cabinet, that works great for increasing the humidity!🪴

Also be careful with the fertilizer too as they are very sensitive. Too much will also stunt the growth and in worst case give them overdose🙈☠️
@MockingJay thanks a million! I’ll definitely relax on the liquid crack for plants an od is the last thing i need