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Repotting Violets
Good morning! The two violets I rescued last week are doing so well! Unfortunately, they are 100% in the wrong pots, and the soil in the purple is awful. I was going to repot in some "African violet" pots that I have, but as I double check their requirements I am worried the pots I have may be too big still. Based on the "your plant should be 3x the diameter of the pot" rule, what do you think? Should I try to repot in something bigger, or the same size? #africanviolet #repotseason
2ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
@PlantMompy I wouldn’t repot them in a 3 times bigger pot. When you repot them if they look root bound in the same pot there in I would go to a 2 inch bigger pot. But if they look fine in the nursery pot they are in then keep them in a 4 inche pot. Look at the bottom of the nursery pot and see if any roots are coming out of it. If they are not yet wait a bit before repotting since you just rescued them last week. They are still getting acclimated to your environment. Once the roots start coming out of the bottom then you know it’s time to repot. I wouldn’t go any larger than a 5 or 6 inch pot. That’s just my opinion only. Others may have other suggestions.

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